Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Everyone you need to know what is amazon affiliate marketing and how to earn from home?


  • Amazon is the best sealing website in the world and also available in India. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce website. Amazon is the most trustable website for customers in India.


  • Amazon is the most popular platform to earn money after selling their products earn money from their product sell percentage.


  • Amazon has defined some percentage of product rupees


  • In amazon available bottom available Become an affiliate, Click over there and feel all the requirements from affiliate registration


  • After complete registration we can see on the top of the amazon website gives different links for different products, share those all products, and when the customer will buy the product then earn commission from it.


How to promote affiliate links?

    • Website: Create a Website and define the product purpose and how to use, when it is used on a blog page for the particular product


    • Blogger: Blogger is a free platform to make your own blog. This is the best platform for amazon affiliate marketing. We can define all the product details on this blogger website and put the link button then the customer will direct go to amazon’s product and buy the product. Then you will generate affiliate commission from it.


    • Instagram: Create one Instagram account and put the Business name and description of the particular website and put the link of the website in the description. Then put Photo and status in Instagram. Make sure to put more than 3 Photos daily updates in the Instagram account. Then traffic will be generated from the Instagram account.


    • Facebook: There are many ideas from Facebook. Create a page then update informative words for the product and put some videos on how to use this product then customers will see then click on this product then directly connect with the amazon site and products then the customer will buy and you will generate the affiliate commission.
      • Then another idea is paid for Facebook ads. This is paid but it’s working. In a short time, it will generate so much traffic on the website.


    • Youtube: Youtube is a platform to understood to the customer for this product


    • Whatsapp Business